The other day I got a pedicure and the lady servicing me was 19 years old. I was immediately impressed by her because she is a licensed nail tech at 19! You go girl!

So we started talking and she was extremely discouraged because she felt so unsure of what to do next. She graduated high school last year during the pandemic and she wasn’t where she wanted to be and she started to have negative self talk. So I immediately said “No ma’am not with me in your chair will you talk down to yourself!” She chuckled but I was so serious!

As we were talking she said to me “I feel so behind” and she was soooo defeated. I gave her example after example of how she wasn’t. I was not going to let her feel this way. By the time we were done talking she had a smile on her face and she was glowing. She said she appreciated our conversation and it truly brightened her day. My heart was soo full! #ThankyouGod

After I left, I started to reflect on our conversation. How many times have you felt just like her? Felt like you were so behind because of what you are dealing with or a decision you made?

🗣Let me tell you.. you are not behind. You are not a failure.

It may take you longer to make it to your particular goal or face the obstacle staring at you BUT you are moving with more wisdom than you did before.


We have to be thankful for that!

Let’s celebrate WISDOM today! I am so proud of you!

The Love Cheerleader®




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