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Hi! I am LaNise! I am so happy that you are here!

I am extremely passionate about busy professionals and entrepreneurs learning to heal through divorce, past relationships and heartbreak so they can have an unforgettable transformation!

Transformations are necessary to take you to the next level and I can help you!

Only the Best

Heartbreak Coach

Ever since I was a child, I loved love. I would always find myself getting excited when I would hear of my family and friends getting into new relationships. I would love to cheer them on. 

Years later I fell in love and got married. Life was amazing!

Five years later, I went through a painful divorce.

I felt like a complete failure, I was embarrassed, I lost friends and I had to learn how to start over! 

Divorce and heartbreak are a hush hush thing and nobody talks about it! Heartbreak hurts and there is nobody talking about it to help you get thru it. There is no sense of community to make progress to become a better YOU.

 Now there is a community to help you thrive and become the best YOU for your new chapter. 

I have been healed for years and now I teach others to accept and let go of the pain so they can heal and love again! 

If you would like to work with me, click on the button below and schedule a 15 Minute Free Discovery Call!

I can’t wait to work with you!

The Love Cheerleader

My Values and Beliefs


Your healing is important to me and I care about YOU.


Teach a strategic way to most past heartbreak. 


Will always support you through your transformation. 

The Love Cheerleader®




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