I teach women how to heal after divorce and breakups so they can regain their confidence and not sabotage future relationships! 

Hi I’m LaNise aka The Love Cheerleader®! I’m a Life Coach, Author and Speaker!

After five years of marriage, I found myself going through a challenging divorce.

During this time, I found myself searching for a lifeline, a path forward. What I was looking for to help me heal didn’t exist. So I took the long way to heal. The road that was filled with bumps, bruises, palm trees and rain! It took my two years to really heal! But I was committed on this journey.

Now I am a Certified Life Coach, Author and Speaker!

My mission is simple yet profound: to empower you on your unique healing journey. I believe in the strength within you waiting to be re-iginited! 


“LaNise gave me the permission slip to let go of FEAR and PAIN after my divorce. My confidence is now on 1000 and I am ready for my new season!

I cannot thank her enough!” 

past client

Interested in becoming my next success story?

Are you ready to transform your life, heal from past heartbreak, and write a new chapter filled with confidence and fulfillment? Join LaNise in her Coaching Program,  Conquer Heartbreak Academy. She is on a mission to help women like you conquer their challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

If you’re interested in being our next success story—a testament to the power of healing, growth, and resilience—we invite you to take the first step. Join us on this remarkable journey, and let’s create your story of triumph together.

Stop pretending and HEAL

Are you tired of putting on a brave face while battling the pain of divorce or breakup? It’s time to stop pretending and start healing. 

Discover the power of authenticity, self-compassion, and inner strength as you learn to navigate the emotional challenges of heartbreak. This video is your first step toward reclaiming your confidence, finding inner peace, and preparing for the vibrant future you deserve.

The Love Cheerleader®

The Love Cheerleader®




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